The Most Dangerous Game Literary Analysis

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Theme Transcending Literature Rainsford had two options: jump off the cliff into the jagged crags or stay and get eaten by the savage dogs chasing him to his demise. The author, Richard Connell, expresses how hard-work and determination beats all odds. He conveys this theme in one of his short stories, “The Most Dangerous Game.” Rainsford was a wealthy hunter who was searching for a place to hunt in the Caribbean. He fell of his yacht and swam a few miles to a nearby mysterious island. Rainsford meets a peculiar man, General Zaroff, who is also a hunter. However, General Zaroff has gotten fatigued of hunting animals, so he bought this obscure island and hunts men that get caught on the asperous cliffs. Rainsford is forced to defend himself against Zaroff’s pristine dogs and is given 3 hours to prepare. Rainsford works as hard as he can to avoid most …show more content…
Kolfage’s determination was conveyed in this quote about him, “Three years later, [after the 16 surgeries] with three prosthetic limbs and new skills in his non-dominant left hand, he enrolled…at the Arizona’s College of Architecture…has a 3.8 GPA and hopes to ‘revolutionize architecture’ ” (Brian Kolfage).The soldier is now, even at a disadvantage, working hard and is determined to get a degree in Architecture. The soldier’s determination is proved in this quote since he has a 3.8 GPA, even when he has a huge disadvantage of almost no limbs. The soldier stated, “I lost my legs, but I have my head, my brain. I can do everything I did before mentally.” This shows the soldier’s defiance of his disability, even when he could have given up and not worked so hard. Now he is persevering to get a degree, which shows how his hard work and determination beats all

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