Essay on The Most Dangerous City Of Compton

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In recent years the city of Compton has built a reputation that many know as being the “most dangerous city in the world”. Why is Compton known for that? This is because the city has had many events that have lead to riots, murders and racism. The city fell and is on its way back, facing diversity, economic and racial struggle. Compton has had many things shape the city 's name into a place of violence, crime and danger. The people of the city are changing it and wanting a better life for future generations. Compton founded in 1869 the city was not very large until the 1930s. From the 1930’s and until 1950 the city was only white residents and the city was very racist. In 1950 the supreme court passes the law of “ no exclusive race housing “, this lead to the first african american family moving into Compton. In the following years the city became more and more diverse with many african american and other races coming to the area. 1969 the first black mayor was elected, over 90 percent of the city was african american families ( "History of the City." ) Compton changed dramatically over the years from being known as a farming city in the early nineteenth century to a dangerous city by the 1990s. According to the History channel, April 29th 1992, was a date that would help lead to the fall of compton. On this day Rodney King, a black male was involved in a car chase. When he was caught, the four white officers beat him brutally. Video of the incident was shown on local…

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