Women Wellness Program Case Study

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In the city of Detroit, the crime rate is outstanding and the incarceration rates are becoming higher as a result. According to Kevin Rizzo, “Detroit is the most dangerous city with a population of over 200,000 for three consecutive years….remains at the top of the list for highest crime rates in America.” Detroit is known for its homicides, poverty, and unemployment. Crime is located everywhere within this city due to these issues. Many women in the city resort to burglary, prostitution, drugs, etc. as a way to make money. As a result, the Wayne County jail is over crowded with female inmates. The Wayne County prison is for repeated female offenders, which are full of rage and are out of control. Many of these women are arrested for
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The Women Wellness Program was established to stop repeating female offenders from returning to jail for committing additional criminal acts. This program is tough despite its name, it is intended to help repeated offenders turn their lives around. The program’s support help gives female offenders hope, without the program most of the women would not break their cycles of criminal behavior or addictions. The wellness program consists of counseling sessions, which last for one month. The women meet with the counselor, twice a day, five times, during the course of a week. The counseling sessions are considered a huge step for the female inmates. In order to help the offenders change their lives, one must start by forcing them to confront their problems that caused them to be imprisoned. In these sessions, the counselor is present to help the inmates overcome their emotions and addictions. For some of the offenders confronting their pain is a very difficult process. The female inmates are placed in group settings, in order to confront each other and their personal problems. In my opinion, I think the group counseling sessions are very therapeutic, because it allows for the female inmates to help each other overcome their issues. Allowing the women to speak on each other’s personal issues, can help the women identify with each other. The women may have more in common than …show more content…
In the jail, the Fresh Start Program inmates are placed on the sixth floor, which is for the drug addicted prostitution offenders. The women have an advocates to help them on their journey to recovery. The women must spend several weeks in jail, then they will be released to a treatment center for long term rehabilitation. If the women are terminated from the program, then they will return back to jail. However, if the women survive the program their records will be wiped clean. I think that this program provide women with help and a chance to receive a fresh start, because their records are cleared. By allowing the offender records to be cleared is very beneficial because it can help them find jobs. The goal of the Fresh Start program for the female offenders to acquire housing, find a job, and remain drug free ( Audi, 2016). In addition, there are some offenders such as Michelle that enters the program and recidivate. In my opinion, I think that after a certain amount of attempts in the program and failing that the inmates should not have be given any more chances. I think that after three times of recidivating, that the inmate is showing no signs of change and should stay in jail to complete their sentence. I can only imagine how hard it is to break an addiction, but if the offender doesn’t show any changes after a few attempts, then their opportunities should be

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