Essay on The Most Commonly Known As Plastic

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Polyethylene terephthalate, most commonly known as plastic, is a material consisting of a wide range of synthetic and/or semi-synthetic organics that are malleable/ductile and can be molded into many solid objects. Plastics are typically made of organic polymers (chains of carbon or chains of carbon that have been bonded to other elements such as oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur) having high molecular masses, but often contain other substances. Usually being synthetic, and most commonly made from petrochemicals. Due to plastic having a relatively low cost, easily manufacturable, highly versatile, and it being impermeable to water, plastics are used in virtually everything with an expanding range of products, from cups to writing utensils. Plastics have already replaced many traditional materials, such as wood, stone, leather, paper, metal, glass, and many more. In developed countries such as the United States, about a third of their plastics are used in packaging and another third in buildings such as piping used in plumbing. Many chemists such as Nobel laureate Hermann Staudinger (the father of polymer chemistry) and Herman Mark (the father of polymer physics) contributed to the development of plastics, these two chemists are most known for their contributions to discovering the substance as we know today as plastic. The success and dominance of plastics that started in the early 20th century led to enormous environmental concerns regarding its slow decomposition rate after…

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