Schellenberg Argument Analysis

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Schellenberg’s argument which simply put, states that a loving parent would not be hidden to their child if they could help it, human parents and God are relevantly similar when it comes to loving, therefore God would not be hidden if it can help it, and in conclusion a loving God could never be hidden. Four objections were brought up against this argument though we will be focusing on the third and more substantial objection. The two major points the third objection has is firstly that it is presumptuous to expect a response and secondly that it is human failings and not of Gods though I will explain further on this later. The major question though is whether this objection defeats Schellenberg’s argument and I will have to say no as I will …show more content…
Schellenberg responds simply that this doesn’t count in the presence of an unlimited being. I would agree that if God was all powerful then he would be able to allow us to notice him and since God contains the characteristics of a loving parent then he would show himself to us. And the last statement the objection made is that there is some great good for the seeker that depends on the continuation of their search; the relevant good may be unknown to the seekers. Schellenberg responds as such that for serious spiritual development it must begin with God, a relationship with God would be the greatest of good to us, so denying us the ability to access this relationship seems to work against the great good. And as stated earlier if God was all-powerful and all-knowing then he knows the best way to connect with us and would have no limitations on doing so. The third objection offers different perspective on how we see Schellenberg’s argument it is still not enough to defeat his argument. The objection relies on the fact that we don’t understand the purpose on why God is hidden to us and so must assume that there is a goal he has for us. Though this kind of thought falls apart when we start to understand that a 3Os God has the power to bypass any limitations within our universe. So given that God would have all loving characteristics and many more then the apparent hiddenness of God would simply not

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