Essay on The Morality Of Genetic Engineering

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Mathew Sarsfield
Miss Cooper
Senior Project
4 May 2014
The Morality of Genetic Engineering
In 2002, a lesbian couple tried to conceive a child who was deaf. Being deaf themselves, they wanted to have a child that shared their disability because they did not view deafness as a disability, but rather as a gift. They had previously succeeded in having a deaf daughter, and were trying to have a son this time. Since they could not have a child themselves, they looked toward a friend who had many generations of deafness in his family, and used his sperm in artificial insemination to conceive a deaf child (Savulescu). The couple described tried to use genetic engineering in order to design a child that suited their preferences. This instance could lead to a pattern of using genetic engineering on humans in order to design and manipulate the human body. The pattern could expand beyond simply changing a person’s physical characteristics and seep into mental and psychological traits. Genetic engineering is a science that has the ability to change the world, but whether for the benefit of the human race or to be a herald of its destruction is to be decided.
Genetic engineering became a popular topic of debate around 1996. This spark of interest was caused by the first successful cloning of a mammal, Dolly the sheep. Since then, people have become increasingly worried about the field of genetic engineering, and what the science would become in the future. Genetic engineering is the…

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