The Moral Dilemma Of Abortion Essay example

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Among all the moral dilemmas in the world, one of the most prominent nowadays is abortion. Many people believe that a life is a life whereas others agree that it is a matter of decision. One of the major questions asked is whether a human fetus is classified as a living entity. A human being is scientifically thought as an organism that can sustain life on its own, outside of the womb. When debate of whether abortion is permissible, factors such as the definition of being human, sustainability and condition of the fetus, mental condition of the woman, financial status, and morality.
When first approaching the topic of abortion, the first question that needs to ask is what defines being human? Being human is commonly described as obtaining the ability to have rational thought and the full presence of genetic code. The stages of pregnancy start from the offspring referred to a zygote, embryo, fetus, and later, a baby. Pregnancy typically lasts up to 40 weeks, when is it clear to say that the unborn offspring is considered a functional human being? The zygote stage is from 0 to 4 weeks after conception, a zygote is merely a fertilized ovum in which DNA is being combined by the man and woman, creating what will later develop into an embryo by 4 weeks of pregnancy. Arguments arise stating that an offspring is considered a human when the heart begins to beat. The heart of the fetus begins to form in week 4, along with the nervous system. Week 8 marks the development of major…

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