The Modern Men's Movement Essay

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The Modern Men's Movement

The 1970's saw the intensification of the feminist movement as a social, moral, and political force in the American arena. They focused their attention on the systematic oppression of women in politics and business. They were attacking male chauvinism, dominance, and a social system that relegated females to household duties. By most standards, the feminist movement has been successful in nearly all of its endeavors. The result, however, has left the
American male uncertain of his own role in not only the dating arena, but the business, marriage, and society in general. All the things that once made a man desirable now make him the enemy of the advancement of women. The result has been a reactionary
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That is exactly the point of the men's movement. It is important here to distinguish between different factions of the men's movement. There are more than a few, but most fall into one of two categories. The smaller, less important group deals with their frustration in a non-directed physical bonding manner. They have gone so far as to assume initiation and celebration rituals similar to those of Native American culture. The larger group, including feminists and male liberationists, believe in feminization of the male character.
"Masculinity distorts an individual's nature. It puts him out of touch with his emotions. Men do not cry. They do not touch each other. They do not form real friendships. They are too silent. They are aggressive, achievement oriented, competitive bullies." (Stearns, 179) Stearns goes on to assert that by assuming more feminine emotional and social traits that allow more healthy relationships. The problems with male-hood have not arisen as a result of men's complacency, but the sudden rapid change in the status of women. "Men may be less responsible for female dissatisfaction than women's inability to find the family an adequate substitute for traditional child bearing." (Stearn, 163)
Suddenly, in the last decade, the role of the man has become uncertain. In the
1950's and 60's, men were the breadwinners. A man brought to the marriage the

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