The Model Requires Minimal Staff Essay

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This model requires minimal staff: At the extreme, just one person per line of business or function. The size of the team is based on the complexity of the business, not the number of employees or the size of the management team. The small size of the front-end teams is a key attribute of this model. Ratios of one business partner or CHR for every 500 or more employees are not uncommon. Purposefully, the CRM only has enough capacity to manage the client relationship, diagnose issues, configure specialist teams, and coordinate (but not manage) projects. The function resembles the account manager model, such as one might see in a sales organization. All the extra hands are deliberately being pulled out of the front-end and pushed to the middle in order to force a culture of interdependency and collaboration.

The Solutions Center (SC)
The staff of the solutions center (also referred to as the center of expertise) has unique insights and great depth in HR practice areas (such as recruiting, etc.) and is drawn from the ranks of both junior and senior generalists as well as the centralized practice groups. They are configured into teams of specialists or semi-specialists around functional areas such as recruiting/staffing, employee relations, compensation, HRIS, and learning and development, and are matrixed by function, line of business, and sometimes geography. Because the solutions center is not owned by the business, the staff can be assembled into teams around other…

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