The Mission Statement Of The San Jose Police Department

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Generally speaking, just about every police department has a mission statement or some code of values and policies: which gives officers and citizens an idea of the departments goals and creed. Mission statements especially for police, hopefully help them act ethically and avoid misconduct. The public tends to think of a department as upholding the law, preserving the peace, and protecting people 's liberties. Certainly no department is perfect and can always have room for improvement. Organizations need a general idea and set of goals if they are to succeeded. The San Jose Police Department is no different. Their mission consists of six lines of code. The first is promote public safety. This is one thing everyone should expect from a police officer. It is a essential part of an officers job to keep the public safe. The next line is to prevent, suppress, and investigate crime. Preventing crime keeps the public safe by stopping crime before it begins. Suppressing crime …show more content…
I personally feel that promoting public safety is a great message, but it can be a little ambiguous. Most if not all citizens should recognize the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. These are the three core rights of any citizens. If it was spelled out that it is the police department 's job to uphold these basic rights, then citizens would get more of a feeling that the police are there to protect them and not just uphold the laws. Also, in this day and age officers acting unethically seems to be a serious issue. Reminding the officers that it is a primary part of their job to uphold these basic rights would constantly remind them that they are dealing human beings, and not just a statistic. It is the legislator 's job to create the laws that are supposed to be looking out for the best interest of the public. It is the job of peace officers to enforce these laws by the spirit of the

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