The Mission Of Trio : College Students And Student With Disability

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Trio has been important aspect of my academic life. The main mission of Trio is to empower underrepresented students to access postsecondary education & to achieve academic success, supporting especially low income, first generation college student and student with disability. Being a student who is first generation and comes from low income family, it is hard for me do well on college without help of program like Student Support Service from Trio. Students like me need support from this kind of supportive service in order to do well academically, also it empower students themselves to contribute to their communities and to society as a whole. I will be involving in Trio SSS this academic year through getting help from tutoring center, meeting with advisor monthly, instruction, and important informational workshop. I will also be involving in any community’s service like volunteering if Trio SSS offers during the academic year.

I was born to a world of bamboo huts, food rations, and dirt roads. My family was in Beldangi 3, a refugee camp in Nepal. We were floating there, in a kind of limbo, unsure of who we were and what our future held.

We belonged to no country, kicked out of Bhutan and living in the confines of Nepal’s camps. There were few jobs, poor opportunities for schooling, and even food was sometimes scarce. Our family of six shared a cramped living space, with little privacy from the neighbors. I often cried, fearing that my life would never change. In my…

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