The Minimum Legal Drinking Age Essay

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There are one hundred and ninety six sovereign countries in the world today. Of these provinces fifty nine percent have the minimum legal drinking age set at eighteen or nineteen years old. The United States of America is within the six percent of the world that has the age set at twenty-one. The primary reason for the increase of modulation in the U.S. and general belief in society is that having a higher minimum legal drinking age decreases alcohol related automobile accidents. However, there is little evidence supporting this claim. Even if there were an overriding amount of evidence to back the belief, any death prevented on highways would be made up for in deaths behind closed doors and in unsupervised settings. For this reason, among a plethora of other equally convincing justifications, it would make sense to lower the minimum legal drinking age to eighteen.
The United States has been waging a war against the consumption of alcohol since the early eighteen hundreds when it was held in the same regard as slavery. Perfectionist ideals such as this led to the first official state prohibition law in the year eighteen forty-six. Seventy-three years later, Congress ratified the eighteenth amendment. The reform banned all manufacturing, transportation, and sale of any and all intoxicating liquor nationwide. The ban essentially proved to be a complete failure due to an immense amount of bootlegging and speakeasies. Setting the minimum legal drinking limit at twenty-one…

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