Essay about The Mind Body Problem Arises

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Mind-Body Dualism

The Mind-Body problem arises to Philosophy when we wonder what is the relationship between the mental states, like beliefs and thoughts, and the physical states, like water, human bodies and tables. For the purpose of this paper I will consider physical states as human bodies because we are thinking beings, while the other material things have no mental processes. The question whether mind and body are the same thing, somehow related, or two distinct things not related, has been asked throughout the history of Philosophy, so some philosophers tried to elaborate arguments about it, in order to solve the problem and give a satisfactory answer to the question. This paper will argue that Mind-Body Dualism, a view according to which our thoughts and our bodies are radically different in kind, is a plausible view.
In order to give a better background, I will first briefly explain the Mind Body Materialism, which is one opposing view. Then I will go through the Mind-Body Dualism by evaluating an argument and an objection to this view, in order to demonstrate that this view is reasonable.

The Mind-Body Materialism says that the mind cannot be separated from the physical body because our thoughts cannot exist without the physical bodies. This view also sets up that nothing exists but matter and things made of matter, that may be defined as what physics studies, like subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, fields, etc. (In class, Schmit used the four elements…

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