The Mind And Body Problem Essay

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The question that has been asked throughout the ages is do souls exist? For hundreds of years’ there has been great philosophical debate that has been trying to address notions of the mind (or soul) and body. As a result, the mind and body problem has developed which states the issues of what mental phenomena really are and how they relate to the physical world. In addition, out of the realm of philosophy has come out a theory known has substance dualism. Lewis Vaughn states, “substance dualism is the view that mind and body consists of two fundamentally different kinds of stuff, or substances-the mind being of nonphysical stuff, and the body of the physical stuff” (Vaughn 198). Many great philosophers like Plato and Descartes have been supporters of substance dualism.
I believe there is not an immortal soul because I believe that the mind is related to the body in such a way that there doesn’t exist a possibility for the mind to be independent without the body. Rene Descartes gives a weak support for the soul when he states, “And then, examining attentively that which I was, I saw that I could conceive that I had no body, and that there was no world where I might be; but yet that I could not for all that conceive that I was not” (Vaughn 203). Descartes states that when he tried to conceive himself without a body he was able to conceive his existence. In addition, Descartes also states, “ From that I knew that I was a substance the whole essence or nature of which is to…

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