The Migrant Crisis Is Neoliberal Institutionalism Essay

1410 Words Dec 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
A theoretical framework that I think gives an alternative possibility to address the migrant crisis is neoliberal institutionalism. In neoliberal institutionalism states from international institutions to forge and build cooperation to achieve absolute gains. The process of cooperation on a single-issue area will lead to cooperation in other areas and create a spillover effect that helps all involved. In the context of the refugee crisis a neoliberal institutionalism would look to create and work through an international organization to bring an end to the crisis. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees could be used as an example of a current international institution trying to solve the problem through neoliberal institutionalist thinking. However, the high number of refugees is making it difficult for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to create a permanent solution. There are simply not enough available resources to address all the concerns related to the refugee crisis. Nonetheless, using neoliberal institutionalist thinking there may be some reason for hope. Some business are using non-profits as engines to provide resources to those in need (Jordan). The United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees has been able to form some international cooperation. Unfortunately, this multilateral cooperation has not yet been enough to stop the crisis. However, according to neoliberal thinking, this initial cooperation may foster continuing cooperation that…

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