The Middle Ages And The Dark Ages Essay

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“I see myself and many artists like me as the torchbearers through these dark ages”.- John Zorn. The Middle Ages have been said to be a transition period between great accomplishments. During this time the Catholic Church became the most powerful of the time and they kept people “in the dark” about religion and they kept the text of the church in Latin which meant not very many people could understand what was being said. There are at least three reasons the Middle Ages are appropriately referred to as the “Dark Ages”. According to The American Cyclopaedia, the Middle Ages have historically been referred to as the “Dark Ages”. Secondly the painting of Joan of Arc shows how the Roman Church was very influential in the area of politics. Furthermore, the Crusades, which occurred during the Middle Ages, proves the darkness of the age.

One reason the “Dark Ages” is an appropriate term to describe the Middle Ages is because historically it has been called the Dark Ages. For example, The American Cyclopaedia the Dark Ages was a period of time when there was “intellectual depression” where little history was recorded about what was occurring during this time period. Also, the lack of historical knowledge of the time would would mean that we are “in the dark” about what was happening during that time period. Part of the reason people want to change the name from the Dark Ages to the Middle Ages is because of how some people interpret the name Dark Ages, some people might think that…

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