Compare And Contrast The Middle Ages And The Dark Ages

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The Middle Ages or the Dark ages?
The Middle ages in Europe started around 500 A.D. and lasted for about 1000 years. It started with the downfall of Rome, which was resulted in the disruption in trade, downfall of cities and population shift from urban to the countryside. This made Europe stop growing as a society because the lack of trade lead to interchange stops, lack of cities lead to a stunt in the educational system, when the population moved countryside any progression stopped in general. This set Europe back into a very dark time. The Middle Ages do deserve to be called the Dark Ages because Rome had its downfall do to Germanic invasions, diseases such as the bubonic plague and the loss of literature and art.
Between the years
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Though they abandoned many things art was not one of them. ”Early Middle Ages Art reflect the differences between the development of the Catholic religion in the west and the Byzantium Empire.” (Alchin 1). Many great pieces of art such as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, Chartes Cathedral, and Cologne Cathedral as well as the painting of Child and Madona came out of the Middle Ages. These pieces of art reflected the religion they followed. The art allowed common folk to gain a deeper understanding of the stories that were told in the bible. Since illiteracy was common for people in this era art allowed them to feel for things they did not understand. Sermons were often conducted in Latin, a language that many didn’t know. The stain glass mosaics let people see the stories of the bible, it let them understand what the pastor was saying. Medieval art did exactly what all art strives to do which is capture the time accurately and move people emotionally. People could look at these magnificent sculptures of biblical characters and worship in these intricately designed cathedrals and they found something to look forward to. The art provided hope in these dark …show more content…
The invaders reduced Rome to nothing making the people that were once in a great civilization start from ground zero; The bubonic plague took so many lives, it also brought upon the fear of the unknown, for the time it was an unstoppable disease that couldn’t be prevented in any way. The loss of literature and art made the people of medieval Europe go back to a time when all they focused on was surviving. Seeking nothing greater in life. The Middle Ages were a very dark time indeed it brought Europe to it’s lowest point so it may be reborn in later

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