How Did Medieval Culture Influence European Culture

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Kali Mcknight medieval culture (A distant mirror )

The period after the fall of Rome was label the medieval period in which no scientific accomplishments had been made, no great art produced, no great leaders born. Most of medieval culture revolved around religion and chivalry. The black death, which killed a third of Europe's population, significantly affected the culture and economy of the middle ages. During the beginning of the middle ages , self image was a very important part of european culture. People of high status felt obligated to show their wealth. Items to show outward magnificence were of great importance . Definition was very important to the Nobles, because their status was diluted by the ennoblement of the peasants . People of little wealth were also forced to display their status. For example, prostitutes were forced to wear clothes inside out ,or wear stripes. Religion also played a large part in european culture in the middle ages . Church and the virgin was a comfort to most people, especially in a time where science was almost non existent. Church gave meaning to the lives of people in the middle ages. Corporations were obligated to help the poor simply as a religious duty. Religion, in a sense , made protests more successful because it lied with groups
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Doctors became of increasingly important status and greater interest was put Into the sick and dying . However the Black death seemed to have a supernatural quality. Religion even became involved . Some saints became specialists in curing the plague. Some of the cures ranged from practical to magical. However the church prohibited doctors from using corpses to investigate, hindering much research .Sanitation was of little importance in the middle ages. Sewage disposal wasn't even provided until the 14th century , which contributed to the spread of the plague

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