The Causes Of The Black Death

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For three horrifying years between 1348 to 1350 the Black Death pushed medieval men to the brink of an apocalypse. The living expected only death. In addition, the graveyards were choked with corpses. During this time, the world was filled with horror, and seemingly abandoned by God. From Italy to Ireland, half of the population died, which was about 20 million people. In this medieval time, the medicine failed the sick and violent and macabre religious cults appeared. In Italy, during the autumn of 1347, a horrifying and mysterious disease arrived to the city. It was first seen on some sailors coming from the Black Sea in the east. According to the book “Culture & Values: A survey of the Humanities” by Lawrence S. Cunningham, John J. Reich, …show more content…
Thus, many behave as if each day would be the last one. Italian society was immoral. They spent their days and nights going from tavern to tavern. Throughout the spring and summer of 1348, the toll of death was unabated. In Venice, 90,000 people died. In Florence, it was half of the city’s population who died. With the cemeteries full of corpses, they were forced to take huge trenches where they buried the bodies by thousands. In the city of Sienna, near its famous cathedral, corpses were found in layers as if they were cheese in a lasagna. In Milan, the fear of contagion fueled a brutal response: the city authorities or the houses of the sick were to be locked and shut, living the victims inside to died. Everyone believed that God was punishing the world.
In six months, the Black Death took millions of lives. After that, in the spring of 1348, the epidemic arrived in Southern France. In the coming months, fear of the Black Death would strike at the heart of the church, provoking bizarre rituals of penitence, but worst still, it would trigger hated on a horrifying scale. However, it was time to hold true to one’s faith. The Pope declared religious processions on a route to salvation and survival, but it did not work either. So many were dying that the Pope ordered huge new graveyards to be consecrated to bury the piles of rotting
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The narrators wearing clothes of the time of this epidemic makes the video more interesting and realistic, since it gives the idea that they were witnesses of this dark time. Many scenes in this video are dark. For example, the scene where the new group that challenged the authority of the church walking on the streets gives the sensation like if the viewer is watching a horror movie. Although scenes like that one, makes the viewer feel how the people of that time felt during the procession of that new group. The stage resembling hospitals and the acting of the sick people are seen very real for the viewer. This video also has strong scenes such as the torture of Jews and the burning of them. Blood was shown in this video to demonstrate how cruel and horrible the plague was. The music accompanying strong scenes are synchronized making the video more intense. Also, maps shown in the video give the viewer how catastrophic the plague was. The scenes taken from small towns, such as the village of Walsham le Willows, gives the video more credibility on the topic, since the video showed how villagers lived during the

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