The Mexican United States Border Essay

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The Mexican-United States border is a big political problem in the 21st century. Thousands of people every year cross to achieve the greatness of America. Some believe that we should let the immigrants come in and make a better life for themselves, others worry about the safety, the violence, and the cultural and economic burden of the American people. Border security should be enforced because the United States is a sovereign country and needs to protect the borders from people who would do harm to its citizens, its economy, and culture.
The United States has always been a sovereign country. We have always enforced our borders, and let immigrants come in legally to become citizens of the United States. It wasn’t till the 1980’s where illegal immigration become a huge issue of our country. "Unauthorized immigration did not remain the only CTA of concern but was joined in the 1980s by drug-trafficking from and through mexico. President Reagan declared narcotics traffic a national security threat and proclaimed the war on drugs"(Rytz 89-90). Once the war drugs got out of control, illegal immigration started becoming a national security issue. The United States should stick to their roots and always secure the border.
National security is very important to our government. If we do not enforce security on the United States -mexico border than we will have millions of undocumented people living in our country that we do not know if they want to harm our citizens. Most immigrants…

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