Essay On Descartes Method Of Doubt

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Descartes used his Method of Doubt in order to find out what is the truth, in the sense that what he believes in is able to be confirmed without any probability of reasonable doubt. Within this method of pursuing the truth, Descartes doubts everything he encounters until he was able to feel content with knowing what could only be considered truthful without anything doubts. Eventually this doubt progressed to Descartes’ own existence. One thing Descartes pressured during his journey to finding the truth and debunking anything that could be considered doubtful information was that as humans we are not able to fully comprehend or experience the external word through the only the senses we possess. Everything that we can and do experience through our senses have the ability to be doubtable. This then leads Descartes to objecting his beliefs of the previous experiences, undergone through the use of senses, as truthful. Any and all experiences perceived through the senses were considered doubtful and deceiving to us. …show more content…
Descartes’s belief was that through the use of our senses, we humans are not capable of having knowledge of the external world or even being able to experience it. This lack of knowledge about the external world makes it impossible to differentiate between true reality and the reality we play in our minds in the form of a dream. Once you are able you doubt everything, the one thing which you cannot doubt, allowing you to categorize yourself as existing, is the ability we have to think and to have a stable thought

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