The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare Essay

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True Love is Always Corrupted by Materials
Love is a way of expressing feelings to another being, whether it be to a family member, a lover or a best friend, love holds bonds together. In the play The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, love is often tainted because pure love is destroyed by materialistic things like money, jewelry, etc. Materials play a big role in this play thus distorting true love from what it is supposed to be. This is seen throughout the whole play as Antonio and Bassanio are effected by the three thousand ducats they owe to the Jew Shylock. Everything that happens in The Merchant of Venice all link with materialistic itmes. Shakespeare effectively demonstrates that familial, platonic, and romantic love are all tainted by materialism through his memorable play The Merchant of Venice. Familial love is one type of love which is tainted by materialism. Jessica, Shylock’s daughter, steals all of his money and leaves him with nothing. She has absolutely no regard for his life or his well-being. When Shylock leaves for Bassanio’s party, he tells Jessica to take care of his house. He says, “Look at my house. I am right to loath to go; / There is some ill a-brewing towards my rest, / For I did dream of money bags tonight” (2.5.16-18). Sadly, Jessica does the opposite of what is asked of her by stealing all his money and his jewels. In a letter from Jessica to Lorenzo it says, “How I shall take her from her father’s house, / What gold and jewels she is…

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