The Mental Health Issues Of The Netherlands Essay

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When I first signed up for the class, I did it on a whim. I had always wanted to study abroad at some point during my college years, and I have always been interested in mental health issues, so I decided to take this class. Even though it was a rather rash decision to go to the Netherlands, I was interested in learning about how “European socialists” and the always liberal Dutch people deal with many social issues impacting the society, and I was eager to know if their approach can be helpful in the United States, and in my home country, China.
In the Netherlands, we as a class listened to lectures given by many people in, or impacted by, the mental healthcare system. For instance, Daan Keiman, a former “Smartshop” employee and current graduate student, talked about his opinions on drugs and substance abuse. We also had multiple site visits, including various homeless shelters, a mental prison and a mental hospital. Personally, I have never actually met a person with severe mental illness, and actually meeting schizophrenic patients and patients with other serious symptoms has been really eye-opening for me. Previously, I had only read about schizophrenia, and heard about people who had it, but actually meeting them in person allowed to connect the scientific terms on a book to actual people, and to be honest, the experience was surprising and in a way quite unnerving.
After I came back to America, I found myself constantly making references to my experience in the…

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