Essay on The Mental Health Agency I Visited

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The mental health agency I visited was Spring Creek formally known as West View, in Murray Kentucky. I met with two social workers; their names were Gina and Melissa. The nursing home was established in 1964, they take care of the elderly citizens in Callaway County. The original building only had 2 different stations. Recently in 2004 Spring Creek began to take long-term patients. In 1991 West View, received new owners. The Murray-Calloway County hospital bought West View, which is now known as Spring Creek. The population at the nursing home increased from 174 beds to 226, thus, so placing Spring Creek as the largest facilities available in Kentucky; thus, making mental health a greater issue to deal with. Spring Creek has been in existence for fifty years. The objective of the nursing home staff is to ensure he or she has a supervised and a safe environment. The geographical areas are Calloway County, but they will accept anyone who has been referred. The agency will accept adults under the age of 54. The majority of the patients are ages 54 and above. The agency is a non-profit organization; the insurance companies fund the agency. The agency takes Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and cash/credit. The nursing home is structured by: CEO, administrative manager, night shift staff, nurses and social workers. The services that are covered by the agency consist of the skilled and intermediate care for the mental health. The nursing staff will supervise to make sure the…

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