The Mental And Sensory Skill Disorder Of Autism And Asperger 's Syndrome

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In this paper we will be discussing the mental and sensory skill disorder of Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. We will address the signs of the disorder that can be perceived by other’s and the School boards and the community how they can adapt to shape the person mind into becoming functioning young men and women of Society. One thing to understand is that people with this disorder just want to feel excepted and want to have a supporting community by their side. The reason why I have chosen this Project is to inform the world of the struggles I had when I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and to help others to be more conscious of them. In my life I had always had struggles relating to others. I always knew who God was. In day care I would try to hang out with other clicks of kids but they never really accepted me. So, for me there was always constant desolation. So as I grew my parents always knew there was something different with me. My Mother took me to a therapist at the age of 10. In the session I was talking to the therapist and I could not look her in the eyes. By the end of the session the therapist said to my mom behind closed doors what I had. So on the ride home from the therapist, my mom told me that I had Asperger’s syndrome. When I heard this tears whelped up in my face, and I began to trash around in my seat. When I got home I cried and I began pounding the ground with my fist, saying, “why God, why?” Through this, it was my starting point of my…

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