The Memories Of My Grandmother Essay

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I was born on December 7th, 1998 at 7:45 in the morning. The earliest memory that I have is of someone (my mom, I think) holding me at my Grandma’s. My Grandma owns a farm up in Washington State and has horses, chickens, cats, and a dog. She has had the farm since before I was born, but her husband, whom I have never met, is gone. I don’t know if he has died, or just left. I don’t even really know his name. Anyway, she is the one ‘outside’ family member that I am really attached to. I practically grew up at her place. I was never close to my aunt, but for a long time, it was just my sister and I playing with her two kids, my younger cousins Ezra and Kessy. Growing up, I moved several times. When I was born, we lived in this tiny house on a lake called Deer Lake. We lived there for a couple of years, until my sister, Mercedes, was born. The house was too tiny to live there much longer, and I don’t really have many memories of the place. The next house we owned was on the edge of Spokane, WA. I have a lot of memories of this place. The house was small, but the backyard was huge(I think it was an acre)! When we bought it, the backyard was full of tall, thick grass, and for two little girls, it was heaven! There was a huge tree in the middle, and we spent our days playing in and around it. We played hide-and-seek in the grass, which was fun because we couldn’t see each other (we were too short). After I started kindergarten, we didn’t actually get to play as much, but we still…

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