Essay about The Memoir Wild By Cheryl Strayed

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Would you be mad at your mother for dying or for being sick? In the memoir Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Strayed at 22 years old had several issues after her mother’s death from cancer. Strayed, devastated became involved in heroin use, and sleeping with other men rather than her husband Paul. Which led her to divorce him. Her stepfather disconnected from Strayed 's family, and her brother and sister stayed distant from her. After fourth years of her mother’s death she seeks self-discovery, and a resolution for her lasting grief and personal challenges. At the age of 26, she left all alone on her hike, 1,100-mile journey, having no prior backpacking experience. In her hike she realized how mad she was at her mother for dying, and because she could not be there for her anymore. Strayed struggled with the loss of her mother; her unsupported family members, loneliness, emptiness. Nevertheless, Strayed learned how to be alone without feeling lonely.
If your mother was all you had as far as guidance, yet would you be mad at her for being sick? As Strayed was mad at her mother for living her out in the world by herself. I’ve blamed my mother for all that has happened to me. I blamed her because I always felt that if she had been in a better health rather than mentally ill, then I think that she would have gave me a better example with life. My whole life I had to teach myself how to be a lady, respect others, and how to survive financially. Yes my mother at one point did tell me…

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