The Medicine Of The Medical Field Essay

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With both of my parents being pharmacists and hearing pharmaceutical jargon daily, I am quite familiar with medicine, yet I never understood how a little pill of magic made me feel better. My fascination with medication propelled me to pursue a career in the medical field. Even with all the wondrous parts of the field, health care is not perfect. Americans do not always obtain the correct health care they need because drugs are too expensive, doctors overprescribe medication, or they prescribe the incorrect dosage. Doctors often do not take a sufficient amount of time studying pharmacology leading to incorrect healthcare; however, they are the ones who solely prescribe medication to the patients. I hope to inspire the medical profession to either require doctors to take more extensive courses on pharmacology or allow pharmacists to write the prescriptions for common illnesses. Through our reading of Mountains Beyond Mountains, I learned a few key principles from Paul Farmer that apply to my cause of more pharmaceutically knowledgeable doctors. To promote change, I must consider my motivation, the personal toll, dealing with obstacles through persistence, and the complexity that accompanies solutions to the problem, which compiled together creates an effective process to correcting the issue of incorrect drug prescriptions in the medical field. While starting the process of change, a strong motivation that propels us fully into working toward a goal is required. I found that…

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