The Medical Treatment Of Medicine Essay

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Throughout the progression of history, the influence of medicine has enabled people to create groundbreaking inventions, which have saved millions of lives. Without the technological advancements of medicine, the medical world would be completely different. This advancement has allowed the population to thrive in knowledge and also has been able to maintain the stability of human life under stressful, life threatening conditions.
Since the beginning of time, the human population has attempted to treat medically ill patients to the best of their abilities. Although most early medical performances are undocumented, historians have concluded through extensive research, the early populations used herbalism, various animal parts, minerals, and many other mechanisms to treat patients with medical conditions. Depending on the culture of the medical distributor and the condition of the patient, the herbal, animal, or mineral selections would vary. To contribute to the inventions discovered in early history, the Romans created surgical uses of forceps, scalpels, cross-bladed scissors, a surgical needle, and various surgical tools still used today. The basic medical procedures practiced in early history have been perfected into common practices physicians preform today. As time continues and technology improves, inventions, innovative thinking, and medical discoveries will prosper and benefit the human population.
Considering the vastness of medical knowledge, many different careers…

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