The Medical Terminology Of Health Science Class Essay

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As I was laying in my bed, I knew something was not right. When I looked at my alarm clock, I realized that I overslept an hour. I jumped out of bed to quickly get ready for school. By then I knew that this would be one of the longest days of my life. I never thought as I walked out of my house that morning that I would be scared to come back through it that afternoon.
I walked through the doors with my best friend as the warning bell was ringing. Audri said, “I forgot about my test in Economics. I hope it’s not too hard.” My heart dropped when she said that because I realized that I had forgotten about my medical terminology test in Health Science class. My heart began to race. I had never forgotten to study before so this feeling was new to me.
My teacher, Mrs. Herd, normally gives us about ten minutes to look over the terms covered on the test; however, I knew it would not be enough time for me to learn all of those terms. If I failed this test my parents would be extremely disappointed.
I made it to class right as the bell rang. I pulled out my note cards as soon as I sat down and started studying. I was already stressed about running late, and now, having this test that I hadn’t studied for weighing hard on my mind, it was hard for me to focus.
“Alright class, you have ten minutes before the test to freshen your memory of the terms I assigned,” I heard Mrs. Herd say. I tried to memorize those cards as fast as I could, but there just was not enough time.
“Time’s up,…

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