The Medical Field Essay

1163 Words Feb 17th, 2015 null Page
“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others,” (Hale). The main tasks medical assistants have to do on a daily basis is retrieve medical information from the patients, and share it with other medical personnel’s that are involved with their patient. People may think organizing and being an assistant may not be really help, but in reality it’s really one of the biggest helps in the medical field. The doctors and nurses are usually too busy with patients to have time to organize the paperwork. Karla works at a clinic with patients from different ages, in that case the clinic usually is always crowded. The doctors are always in a rush to serve their patients without getting a complaint of taking a long time to get their work done. So as a medical assistant, Karla helps the doctor with the paperwork and the simple questions to get some information by the time the doctor comes in to view the patient’s illness or pain. Karla enjoys helping others and getting stuff out of their way. When the nurses and doctors are working in a rush she’s there to get the paperwork completed and organized. A medical assistant, like Karla, is someone who makes the nurses and doctors life easier by taking care of their paperwork, communicating with patients, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and handling personal information, therefore, a medical assistant should want to learn about the education needed, annual salary, job…

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