Essay on The Media 's Poor Reaction Of Police Officers

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The Media’s Poor Reaction to Police Officers Doing Their Duty More often than not, the news one sees about police officers is shown in a negative light. It is not uncommon to hear about all of the little mistakes that police officers make, and all of the horrible things that they do. Most often, all of the “horrible” things that police officers do, only seem horrible because the media doesn’t report all of the facts. The reality is, the good that police officers do greatly outweighs the bad, but that is hardly ever shown in the news. The media’s reaction to police officers simply doing their duty is anything but appropriate.
In 2005, a statistic was released stating that nearly 600 criminals are killed by police officers who are on duty each year in the United States. According to the same statistic, approximately 152 police officers are killed by criminals in the line of duty in the United States yearly (Miller 239). The officers who are responsible for the death of criminals do not take the event lightly, and many officer suffer a form of PTSD after the event. Even with all of this going on, the media focuses on the criminals that have been killed rather than the officers that gave up their lives to keep the public safe, and the media makes these officers out to be heinous murderers (Joseph).
Police Officers all around the United States feel that they are distrusted and unappreciated. Some people would argue that it is only Police Officers in a specific…

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