The Media 's Influence On Young Women Essay

1200 Words Jan 11th, 2015 5 Pages
THBT the media puts too much pressure on young women In today’s society, the idea of self-perfection is one that arises as the answer to many of our current problems, specifically those of our younger demographic. The irresponsible and unethical actions performed and displayed by this group are often linked to the supposed negativity that the media of today publicizes. However, when clearly analyzed, these so-called “destructive messages” are simply a product of our biased perceptions within society, which often display the negativity at hand. The media itself is a beautiful tool of artistic expression, yet is perceived as a despicable tool of manipulation each time a problem arises that society simply cannot solve at the moment. Keeping this in mind, it is clear that the media does not put any pressure on young women whatsoever. Rather it is society which interprets the media into the negative perception it is criticized for. When in question, the media advertises positivity frequently, does not incorporate medical disorders whatsoever, and is simply taken out of context. The popularized belief that the common media is the cause of the growing medical problems in today’s young demographic is completely false. This is due to the fact that these problems are rarely evident at all within this demographic, and the reasons have almost no link whatsoever to the media itself. Taking the topic of anorexia, a disorder heavily argued in the media, with the evidence that follows, it…

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