The Media 's Effect On Women Essay

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Miss Representation argues that women are misrepresented by the media, causing harmful consequences towards how women view themselves and how men view women. The title is a play on words, using Miss, pertaining to women but also as a whole, pertains to the misrepresentation of women in the media and its consequences. The media causes young girls to try and meet unrealistic expectations that is shown through TV shows and advertisements as well as emphasizing the importance of looks in order to succeed. The media’s effect is harmful and the falsification of women has negative impact on women’s physical and mental health, starting from a young age. The media’s misrepresentation also alienates and dehumanizes girls and women who don’t “look the way they’re supposed to,” however this idea of beauty is impossible to achieve because it is technologically altered, forcing girls and women to meet an impossible standard. The media and the advertising in the media want the viewers to feel insecure, and for women in particular, the advertisers want them to feel insecure about their looks, which is evidenced by the way that the same body types are shown on television, over and over again.
The media portrays that women’s purpose is only decorative and they are usually not that knowledgeable, by showing that their stories revolve around men, although not explicitly.
According to the documentary, the misrepresentation by the media causes young girls to feel powerless, especially when their…

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