The Media That Cried Wolf Essay

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The Media That Cried Wolf

Congratulations to the American media for crying wolf once again on the American leaders in their handling of this Ebola epidemic. The American media used the fear of Ebola to discredit today’s government leaders for higher ratings. Evidence shows that the government has done a decent job in keeping the spread of Ebola throughout America at bay. Though this country lacks a surgeon general, the acting surgeon general has done an excellent job along with the CDC in preventing a virus outbreak. The fact that America has better medical facilities, safety protocol, and overall cleanliness has prevented the spread of Ebola in this country compared to the situation in Africa. The leaders of this country have done a sufficient job in containing Ebola from not becoming a sporadic killer throughout the United States.
It is true that the safety measures that the American government has placed to keep Ebola from entering America are not perfect, yet have been proven effective. A system barrier was placed into effect throughout the airports in America. One of the strategies used to prevent the virus from entering America was conducting surveys to passengers flying into America by plane, and if a passenger had been to Africa recently they would be tested for signs of Ebola (Christensen, 2014). Another barrier that has been proven to work was the placement of quarantine for people that have come in contact with anyone was infected with Ebola. For instance the…

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