Analysis: 'The Media At Its Worst'

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The Media at Its Worst The media in America influences people to think differently about others. Men have always been seen as the dominant leader. For women, they don’t receive any sort of credit when they accomplish something equally as a man would. The media is manipulating the minds of many Americans to get them to think men are the best in this country. The media has restricted women from showing the people that they can be just as powerful as a man has been. Therefore, the media needs to change the way it influences people to think a certain way. Many men are concerned that women don’t have the ability to take direction under pressure because of emotional reasoning’s. If there were to be a crisis, women wouldn’t be able to handle the …show more content…
Men are always doubting the women because they know women wouldn’t be able to perform their task as admirably as a man would want to see. Women have always been seen, in the media, as a secretary and never a boss. Men should not let the media fool them because there are women that can outsmart a man in seconds. The media has men thinking women will only use their looks to achieve a higher positions, but in most cases that isn’t true. Women should be viewed equally, especially in an environment that consist of work. Because there are women in America that are a lot smarter than other men on the …show more content…
In films, everything revolves around a man’s life. As also said in the film, “The Media,” chick flicks revolve around a man’s life because throughout the movie, the women is trying to find her true love which is a man. In fact, a majority of film directors are men. Therefore, everything that people see through films is revolving around man’s life. The media controls what it wants people to see. Because the media doesn’t show people the life situations’ of women, doesn’t mean they don’t have one. The media for example, advertisements, television, films, and radio-influence people to show women are not reliable which in fact, they are in most

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