The Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Question 1: Who Participates
In a free, democratic country where everyone has a voice, few segments of the population have the privilege to understand and participate in the political process. Despite the fact that those who are less fortunate can still participate in changing or putting an end to certain laws or policies through social media and e-Activism. Most of the politicians and governmental officials in office are white older men with substantial amounts of money and have higher levels of education which give them more power and political background. Participation rates would continue to be uneven because of the political side of media, financial purposes, and education.
First, those who don’t have as much privilege to participate in politics tend to try their best by gaining insight from the media. The media is a way most citizens learn about current events or issues with our government, which is run by those who are incredibly knowledgeable in politics and also how to present it to the public. There are arguments that a “hashtag” can change everything but this may fuel the media to cover certain stories, and it is still up to them to write their stories in their own way and who they want to share them with. Authors of the text book, American Government and Politics in the Information Age stated in chapter 8, “The media can shape the public’s views about particular movements and the causes they represent.” Again, the media is run by people who are educated and…

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