Why Are We Informed Enough To Vote

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Are we Informed enough to vote?
Rogerian Argumentative Essay

Knowing that it is our right to vote is quite astonishing. People feel as if every one has a say in the governments success and accomplishments when they vote. Citizens should all feel a part of the country’s decisions and laws. The fact that as citizens, we get to have somewhat of a say in who our leader is really special. However, are we truly informed well enough in who the candidates are? Are citizens taking time out of their day to research, pay attention to political problems in America, and know what they want changed? According to Young Voters Being Educated Enough to Vote, it is seen that votes are primarily chosen because of the appeal of candidates commercial, sign,
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Others believe that only the educated and well-informed should be aloud to vote. Those who support the idea that everyone should keep their privilege to vote, regardless to the stance of their education, have every right to believe that it is their right to vote. Voting should be proudly kept as a right. Being able to vote is one of many freedoms we possess that other countries do not. It is safe to believe that we should not get this right taken away. People argue that this is why we founded America. We found America and built it on freedom of religion and the freedom to have a say in how our government is ran. Citizens want a say in how everything works, which is one of the greatest freedoms we have. “Every vote counts, and every citizen deserves to have a say in our government,” is said repetitively throughout our nation. Those who believe this idea argue that there should be no restriction on the education or how informed a citizen should be in order to vote. They also believe that the level of education of a person doesn’t prove that the voter is more “vote worthy” than the person beside them. This is true, however, the other side views this as disrespectful to the right. I do believe that this is agreeable in many ways. With possessing such an important right, it should be taken seriously. With that being said, the opposing side believes that the …show more content…
This would be an option to “meet in the middle.” This way, we aren’t taking away the right of voting from citizens, but encouraging them to get informed correctly. Children today do not get taught a lot about the election, but they do pick up on what they hear around them. They seem to be more interested in other things such as games, friends, and play-time. Even though teens are informed a little bit more, they still aren’t completely educated in the topic. Teens are usually more interested in social media and entertainment rather than the political race. If we could persuade them in to caring about the economy, and what is best for their future, we could see the positive growth in the country. Teachers do not teach politics enough in schools (Slyvester). Schools are so strict on education to help students become the best they can be so we can have a better future. Bringing more education on the political race and government would allow this change to happen. The students are the future, however, they are also future voters. Being informed in politics is very much needed. With young citizens not willing to educate themselves in the presidential election, we need to figure a way to inform them on voting so they can use that knowledge to legitimate reasoning on choosing the next president.

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