The Media And Its Impact On Society And The Environments Around Us

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In my entire life I would follow the norm watch adapt and go along with what society does without question. Until one event that shocked my reason and beliefs about the world.September 11-2001 was an infamous day for most Americans but for me it changed my view and thoughts about the world. The media, the government told many explanations about the incident but pieces were misses or hidden. To explain my discovery I must explain the facts in our society and the environments around us. The NSA tracks every phone call, text, email around the globe , it violates our rights of privacy, but people aren 't aware of that so they scurry on unaware. Example Edward Snowden leaked classified Information from the NSA but the media is censored to feed out materials to keep the masses controlled unaware. Men like Snowden are abused and prosecuted by the U.S government which is an example of controlled information through use of force. Next the U.S government are funded by the wealthy or some people say the 1% and tend to use all resources to keep the masses ignorant, unaware, and easily controlled. They make sure people are busy to over financial matters, survival, providing for their family, worrying about their lawn and their house. They want people to think they’ve obtained absolute freedom or have a choice and do whatever they want but they can 't. The people that are supposed to represent us America are bought by the rich to keep us stupid in our small stupid little world. Health…

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