The Mechanics Behind A Great Pitch Essay

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Introduction The mechanics behind a great pitch will vary greatly depending on the pitcher. Some methods are affective, yet they will put the athlete a much greater risk of injury, but there are also techniques that are proven to reduce injury risk, improve performance and not lose ground on competitive advantage. When one looks at the all-time greats of the pitching world, the names Nolan Ryan, Mariano Rivera, Randy Johnson, Cy Young, and Aroldis Chapman are just a few of many names that will arise when discussing the some of the greatest. All of these pitchers will have somewhat different mechanics or motions, but there are always five phases that can be seen repeated in the greatest pitchers. These phases are defined as: the set stance, the leg hike, the arm cocking/leg plant, the pitch, and the follow through. For the purposes of this paper, the movement and muscles will be examined during the motion of proper mechanics. The injuries commonly found when a person is pitching will also be examined, some of which are a result of improper mechanics, but most injuries seen are a result of overuse.
Set Stance or Beginning Stance The set stance is defined as the stance a pitcher assumes when he is ready to begin the pitching motion, yet still before any attempt to throw has been initiated. (1,9) From this stance, a pitcher will either begin his motion to pitch towards a batter, or he will attempt to pick off a runner that has already reached a base. When examining the set…

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