Meaning Of Happiness

The meaning of happiness is always different depending on who you ask. Some may say that true happiness is not really found on purpose but on accident, a sort of serendipity that shows itself when you least expect it. Others claim that happiness automatically shows appears as a result of other positive feelings like love,freedom and creativeness. One thing about the idea of happiness is that there always seems to be a philosophy or theory on how to achieve it , as if it were a master key to unlock a secret. People always tend to make plans and guides to things we are confused about or don 't understand, its in our human nature.

Happiness is novelty. When people talk about the desire for happiness, about chasing happiness and to be at peace
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It would be hypocritical of me to sit here and write about how easy it is to change your way of thinking into one with rainbows and butterflies while having gone through depression for a long time. We live in a world that is at times very crule and boring with little change, especially for adolescents ,who are not yet independent and are still trying to figure themselves out. All this can make it hard for someone to think or even consider the fact of finding happiness in such a cold world. One of the reoccurring themes that I come across is the question; as human beings, how do we resolve the tension between wanting to realize ones true potential, our true selves, and at the same time resist to the tug of everyday life. To avoid following everybody else as if in a herd. Doing the same thing everybody else is doing, the sort of trance-like state our society seems to be in. We all want to follow our dreams and be the person we wish to be, we all want to set ourselves free in whatever way we think we can, but we eventually settle for what life gives us. We limit ourselves in what we can do and yet we blame "life" for it. The truth is were not limited, its just our way of thinking that gets in the way.There is no map for how to live our lives you just do it. We are all free to create our own reality, but its only when we are bold enough to decondition our thinking. To steer away from the reality tunnel that so many of us follow. This reality tunnel that is created for us as we grow up and only gets longer and wider as we incorporate ourselves into the real world.

In conclusion, there is no key to how to live your life and find happiness primarily because the meaning is different for everybody. Although knowing the power of your brain and the influences your environment can have on shaping who you are and what you believe in can be used to your advantage. Happiness is not guaranteed to anybody , but that dosent

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