Essay on The Maze Runner Points At The Idea Of Ethics

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Such a display of death - how could it be considered a victory?” (Dashner). This quote according to the popular book The Maze Runner points to the idea of ethics. It is centered around the setting; a maze experiment with a main society who pass through variables to survive. Similarly throughout non fictional history, experimentation has taken place in such cases like the Nazi Concentration Camps, Tuskegee Studies and many other popular cases. In current issues as Ebola surfaces to a main issue of news, and regular testing of cosmetics. Experimentation is the building block of research, but to what extent is it ethical to test on living life. For example, in The Maze Runner the main character Thomas, realizes after being in the maze the faults even though he helped the creators of the maze. It displays when regulation experiments can become out of control or too large to discipline. The morality of experimenting is wrong and mishandled from history and may continue in future generations.
In modern times, the Ebola epidemic has enlarged on a great scale, and finding the vaccine for the virus is a demanded need. The outbreak in West Africa has reported to over 9,000 cases of diagnosed citizens. Human trials have been debated and if conducted may help the finding of the cure. The risk of testing on healthy patients could do more harm than good when not knowing the side effects of any made vaccine. (Langreth et al.) If no volunteers, to what extent do researchers go to find the…

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