What Are The Similarities Between 1984 And Lord Of The Flies

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While 1984 and Lord of the Flies are set in completely different world, the characters within the world act remarkable similar. For example, in 1984, the party (governing body) constantly tells people these three lines; “war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength (Orwell, 26).” Similarly in Lord of the Flies, Jack and his band of savages constantly speak of the beast. In both instances, the ruling body creates false realities, that their constituents eventually start to believe even though they know that it is a false reality. Moreover, as the citizens begin to believe the lies, they compound on themselves, as eventually the lies become their reality, as the only reality that matters is the reality
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Similarly, in Lord of the Flies, Jack takes Piggy’s glasses. While Jack did not torture Piggy physically, he physically took away his sight, and by taking away what Piggy could see and perceive, he gained control of his mind. Additionally, going back to 1984, once Winston cracked the thought police did not care about him anymore, as they knew that they had reshaped his mental reality by altering his physical reality, much like Jack did to Piggy. Another example of Jack and the party acting similarly is by leading through fear. In 1984, many citizens have already been brainwashed, so to speak, but those who have not, do not stand up out of fear of being tortured and killed (Orwell, 57). Similarly, those who stand up to Jack in Lord of the Flies are at risk of physical torture or in some cases being killed. In both cases a large percentage of the population is brainwashed but the citizens who are left are scared into submission. This causes the leaders to lead through fear instead of by inspiring, which causes low quality of life for all citizens. In conclusion, polar opposite environments, Jack and Big Brother still use the same power gaining techniques to dominate their …show more content…
Unfortunately, though, the citizens of North Korea are forced to live lives that are similar to the citizens in the book 1984. For example, in North Korea, citizens do not have the freedom of speech and will be tortured if they say anything that goes against the government’s teachings (Powers). Similarly in the book 1984, the protagonist, Wilton Smith, was tortured for having a diary, in which he shared his anti-party thoughts (Orwell, 57). In both cases, citizens are scared into submission and eventually become indifferent. Furthermore, as the citizens lose interest in living a free and happy life, the government gains further control over them and effectively neutralizes them as a threat to their control. Another similarity between the Communist party of North Korea and the party in 1984, is trying to create a common enemy. North Korea makes the United States and the free world seem evil as the citizens are lead to believe that the United States is ruining their happy way of life (Powers). Similarly, in 1984, the party tries to create an enemy, either Eurasia or Eastasia, to cause their citizens to bond together over a common enemy (Orwell, 116). In both cases, the parties create an enemy when in reality there is no conflict, as it causes their citizens to join with the purpose of defeating the common enemy. Furthermore, the citizens accept this blindly as

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