Essay about The Matter of Whiteness 1

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The Matter of Whiteness 1
Running head: White Privilege

The Matter of Whiteness

The Matter of Whiteness
Richard Dyer said “racial imagery is central to the organization of the modern world” because he felt most decisions that represent the practices of the world are based on white man’s ideologies and images in western culture. White people remain a large category that has not been examined in contrast to the many studies of images on African Americans and other groups of color. For too long western American cultures subtlety allow privileges to whites because white people are not racially seen as white, but are seen as a racial position in white dominance and this is the guideline for society
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My dolls were white and that is all the images you see, rarely would you get a black doll, so I did imagine myself being a little white girl with blond hair. This was very sad to me when I became of age to understand what was happening, so when I married and had my first daughter I made doubly sure that she was given black dolls and black children books. I also let her watch the most interesting black television program. I grew up with white dolls, such as, tiny tears, poor pitiful Pearl, little Lulu and Barbie. My first experience with a black doll was in Texas and I cried to keep my cousin’s black baby doll, I had never seen a black baby doll before and I wanted her for my own, because she was the color of me, this was very sad. From that day on I had this thing about having only black dolls. When I had my daughter I only purchase black babies dolls for her. It bothers me that my images of Jesus Christ is a kind white man with long silky curls, I wished that my mother had showed us a true image of Jesus Christ, for the damage is done for whenever I think of Jesus Christ, his image in my head is of a white man.
As a child I remember watching television and only seeing images of whites children in commercials or television shows, mostly little blond girls with red and white checker dresses, I remember day-dreaming those the little girls were me. I always wanted to be Shirley Temple, with her pale white skin and those long silky curls,

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