The Material On Advertising And Integrated Marketing Communications

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Review the material in Chapter Eleven on Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications.
• Identify messages that you have seen or heard from several companies. Are the companies being consistent with their messages across the markets they are targeting?
• What factors are causing the media landscape to change?
Engage in a dialogue with your classmates on the above issues and any other perspectives you have on international business. You are expected to make at least three posts to the discussion forum during the course of the discussion period.

As we have learned in chapter 11, that companies should adopt Integrated Marketing Communication approach which is the process a seller use to encode or translate a consistent message to their audience at large in a way they would be able to decode or interpret via media such as TV, Radio, Internet, Billboards, Mobile phone, Cars, Buses et al.
However, there are so many appeal messages I have heard and seen via TV, Billboards, Radio, internet, YouTube such as humorous, emotional, frightening (Fear), rational (informative), environmentally conscious, open-ended or closed-ended, one-sided or two-sided and slogan, jingle or character.
For example, Water Aid uses an emotional, rational, environmental appeal advertisement to communicate with their audience in order to convince them to contribute money for the children or families who are suffering in developing countries. Also, they used visual and two-sided message to…

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