Brand Advertisement: Skin Cream Is Skin Cream

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Skin Cream is Skin Cream
Ashley Allen
New York City College of Technology

It is a given that we want to look and feel beautiful. Everyone wants to have that natural glow which radiates amongst others. We spend large sums of money in buying skin creams with promises of smooth and unblemished skin. Some with positive results and others not so much. Skin cream is skin cream; everyone has their favorite brand. The purpose of this advertising paper is to discuss two advertisements. One advertisement from an American Magazine Allure and one advertisement from a German Magazine Madame. Both advertisements relate to skin cream products that commits to providing the best skincare. Understanding the differences of both products in relations
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The value reflects how a consumer think, feel and act for that brand. There are factors that contribute to having brand equity. Consumers must have awareness for the product, recognition and know what it offers, emotional connections and loyalty for that product. It is means of building a relationship with a product. It is why I feel I have equity to Neutrogena. I am familiar with Neutrogena’s products and what they offer. I have used Neutrogena’s products in the past and still currently happy with the results. I have loyalty with Neutrogena, if I were to walk into my local pharmacy I would purchase their products. Whereas with Le Mer, I do not have a strong equity to their brand. I have an awareness as I have now done my research. But I would not recognize and know the effects of their products. I have no desire to travel distances to purchase their products; for me it is another brand on a …show more content…
I like the fact that they have testimonial to their products. I like that the product is affordable and easily accessible in any neighboring stores. I would purchase this product; I am always open to trying a different brand of products from the same company. The Le Mer’s advertisement message is clear; but pricing is a huge factor when I purchase products, and they just not affordable. If they have samples I wouldn’t mind trying their product.

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