The Success Of Coca Col The Power Of Marketing

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In the modern business scenario, marketing is considered key to the growth and profitability of any brand. Most of the big brands that we know of as highly successful have used their marketing strategies successfully to influence and attract their customers and it is their marketing and advertising which is chiefly behind their success. Apart from market penetration and positioning, there are many more things which come under marketing and are essential to make a brand successful. Ignoring or underestimating the power of marketing can prove really costly for a company. Marketing involves multiple things from choosing target market and segmenting customers into market segments as well as understanding their buying behavior and providing …show more content…
In fact all big brands in the industry boast of a great marketing strategy also. It is because their success depends on the consumers’ perception of their brand and this is why most big companies devote a large part of their revenue to marketing and advertising. So, the key thing is that if marketing is ignored it will result in a fall in sales and thus profits as well. We already know of Coca cola as a globally successful company. The way this brand markets itself would hardly be hidden from anyone. Coca Cola spends heavily on advertising and marketing. Apart from advertising over digital media, it also runs campaigns and tries to remain connected with its target audience. The question is that why it does so if marketing does not provide any big tangible benefits. The matter of the fact is that most of a company’s profits originate from successful marketing and the companies which neglect marketing also have to pay its cost. In fact the name Coca Cola is so well known to us because of its special concentration on the marketing of the brand. Marketing does not let this name fade from its consumers’ minds and till it remains there the brand will manage to remain among the leading brands in this world and the industry. Recently Coca Cola saw a drop in profits. Its earnings were hit by the slow sales growth. The key things to watch are …show more content…
Even a well established brand like coca cola knows that it sales are going to hit if it does not continuously pay attention to the marketing of its brand. In fact marketing needs continuous attention and push. Once you stop paying attention to marketing sales will fall again. The same reflects in the marketing strategies of other important brands like Pepsi also. Brand even after they have grown mature need to remain focused on marketing and it is like learning and changing continuously since the market conditions and consumers’ preferences also keep

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