The Master Cleanse Diet Is An Unhealthy Alternative Essay

842 Words Dec 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Discussion: Although water is an integral part of the human diet, the Master Cleanse Diet is an unhealthy alternative. Having a diet consisting of cayenne peppers, lemons and maple syrup as the main fuel source for the body is absurd and in addition, it is suggested that individuals should take a form of laxative at night, and after a while, there is nothing else to get rid off, it will just lead to dehydration. The body is supposed to run on primarily carbohydrates and taking that away alongside proteins and fats would ultimately push the body to use other fuel sources, such as breaking down protein if the diet goes long enough, because this type of diet is not sustainable by the human body. Running on sugars and a small number of micronutrients would leave the body desperate for whole foods, There are many occasions where individuals voiced the positive results they felt coming out of the Master Cleanse Diet, some felt better after the diet and would want to do it again, there are even some cases where an individual uses the diet for a prolonged time. and a majority that lost a lot of weight during the diet eventually regain the weight back. The whole idea behind this diet is to pretty much eat nothing, and since most of the ingredients are easily accessible to many individuals this leads curious and desperate people to give it a shot. But physiologically speaking, this type of diet can not be maintained and furthermore,, the body itself does a great job with…

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