Essay The Marketing Plan of Niften Shampoo

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Marketing plan for Niften Shampoo
Liu Ye(Jack)

Table of content
Executive summary 3

1. Research of the product and brand 4 1.1Consumer analysis 4
1.1Market analysis 6
1.3Organization SWOT analysis 9
1.4Niften product analysis 11
1.5Competitor analysis 11

2. Marketing strategy 12
2.1Building operation 12
2.2Locating product in
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Figure 3
A. Material: first, product functions is a promise that guarantee the satisfaction to consumers. Second, different sub-product would fit for different consumers.
B. Emotional appeal: to decorate the idea of the product.
C. Broadcast: shampoo is a typical commercial product, in this full of branded shampoo market, a strong media support would help a lot on sales.
D. Sales: promotions like beauty selection, sponsorship, or membership club. 1.2.3) Current brand separation
According to the survey, we could separate the shampoo brand by the company's strength. First brand which takes the most market share is Head & Shoulders. 36% people would purchase it. Second brand is Pantene which takes 30% market shares. And the third brand is DOVE, it has 24% market share. Last brand is Soft-Soap, only takes 12% of market share. Compare those data, Head & Shoulders is our biggest competitor in the future.

Figure 4 1.2.4) Features of brand competition A. High concentration, and become monopolistic competition.
Head & Shoulders and Pantene take more than half of the market shares, with the development of market, some small brand would be gone eventually. B. Competitive territory and dimension increase heavily.
Shampoo market is divided by levels, functions, and types due to the brand diversity, multi-branded, and sub-branded tactics using by organization. There are several different sub-brand

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