The Marketing Of Car Manufacturing Plants Essay

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The ultimate goal of any for-profit organization in the contemporary corporate arena is usually to satisfy clients through the provision of quality products. This corporate objective is achieved through the incessant improvement of the products as well as the production processes, along with maintaining the lowest production cost possible. In particular, manufacturing plants focus on improving production through thoughtfully adoption and implementation of production facility layouts that most suitably meet their production improvement goals, while focusing on production cost reduction methods that do not compromise quality. This report discusses production and quality improvement at reduced costs in car manufacturing plants.
Background Information In this section, three items are conferred, namely, the history of car manufacturing plants, the first car to be manufactured, and the evolution of engines.
The history of car manufacturing dates back to the fourteenth century, when vehicle designs started being developed. Bottorff (n.d) asserts that Guido da Vigevano was the first man to develop and present a design of a wind driven vehicle in 1335. This development was shortly followed by the design of a windmill type vehicle by Vaturio that was similar to Guido da Vigevano, but it was also never constructed. Bottorff (n.d) says that Leonardo da Vinci, another Italian, designed a tricycle type of vehicle, characterized by a clockwork drive, a differential…

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